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39. shut up, spock, we're rescuing you!

Tags: !modpost, !public, accessories: angst, accessories: sexual tension, awesome: cast, awesome: duo, awesome: episode, bitchface: mccoy, character: desalle, character: kirk, character: leila, character: mccoy, character: scotty, character: spock, character: sulu, character: zarabeth, emotional vulcan is emotional, episode: all our yesterdays, episode: balance of terror, episode: the apple, episode: the immunity syndrome, episode: the trouble with tribbles, episode: this side of paradise, hbic: mccoy, hbic: spock, just: make out already, obvious: slash, omg: just omg, omg: look at these gqmfs, omg: random touching, omg: this scene, ot3: kirk/spock/mccoy, otp: scotty/enterprise, otp: spock/mccoy, outfit: starfleet uniform, pictures: screencaps, poster: rahelcs, poster: sara_stc, pretty: cast, pretty: colors, season: one, season: three, season: two, show: epic, spock: knows better, star trek: rules the world, team: awesome
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